The Japanese Classic Bikes meeting

Featuring all japanese classic bikes from 60th to 80th and from 50cc to 1000+cc


The Japanese Classic Bikes meeting is a yearly motorcycle exhibition dedicated to all Japanese classic bikes from the years 1965-1980 and from 50cc to 1000cc+.

If you own such a bike you are invited to participate at the exhibition and show your bike on the stage. Other visitors are welcome to walk around and have a pleasant time by sharing their passion and experience.

Accommodations provided on site and in the neighbourhood.

All bikes welcome!

Japanese Classic Bikes 10ème édition  à Enghien le 1er mai 2020

Adresse du jour : Chaussée Pavé de Soignies 36 - 7850 Enghien-Edingen

Grand rassemblement annuel de motos classiques japonaises.

Toutes les motos sont bienvenues.

Groot verzamelind japanse classiek motoren.

Alle motoren welkom.


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